Other Ontario Services in Winchester

Residents of Ontario who are eligible for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage will need an Ontario health card to access coverage for health care services paid for by the Ontario Health Insurance Program.

Organ and Tissue Donor Services

Register your consent to donate your organs and tissue.

You can register your consent at Winchester ServiceOntario centre

Accessible Parking Permits

You can get an accessible parking permit at the Winchester ServiceOntario centre

Vehicles used by people with disabilities need to display the permit to park in an accessible parking space.

Copies of Driver and Vehicle Records

Certified and Uncertified Drivers records

Motor vehicle records and abstracts

A certified driver record contains the same information as the uncertified record but will also be stamped with the ministry approved embossed seal.

To order a certified copy of a driver’s record you can visit Winchester ServiceOntario centre.